Effective Home Remedies for Treatment Acidity

Effective Home Remedies for Treatment Acidity

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Acidity can cause a great deal of discomfort. Your stomach acid is returning to the tube that connects your mouth to your stomach, which is why it feels like a burning feeling in your chest and throat. Fortunately, there are easy, natural remedies for this that you may use using items you already own. Let’s look at ten simple, all-natural home cures for acidity.

Acidity: What Is It?

To begin with, acidity results from an excess of stomach acid. This may hurt and give you heartburn. It can get worse from things like stress, eating hot food, or lying down shortly after. But fear not—natural remedies exist to improve it.

Acidity Symptoms:

There are several signs that you may encounter if you have acidity. Among them are:

  • Heartburn: A burning sensation that usually happens in the chest or neck after eating and can get worse at night or while you’re lying down.
  • Regurgitation: The backflow of an acidic or bitter taste into your mouth or throat.
  • Bloating: A sensation of swollen or full stomach.
  • Frequent Burping: Burping more frequently than normal.
  • Nausea: Having the want to throw up.
  • Indigestion: Pain or discomfort in the stomach brought on by a problem breaking down meals.
  • Constipation or diarrhea: Excess stomach acid can occasionally be the cause of irregular bowel movements.

The first step in using home remedies to effectively manage acidity is recognizing these symptoms.

Typical Reasons for Acidity:

Knowing what makes you more acidic will help you avoid it. Typical causes include some of the following:

  • Bad Eating Habits: Acidity might result from eating large meals, late-night meals, or hastily.
  • Specific Foods and Drinks: Acid reflux can be worse by chocolate, citrus fruits, fatty foods, chocolate, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Lifestyle Decisions: Stress, inactivity, and smoking can all lead to the development of acidity.
  • Medication: A number of pharmaceuticals, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, and opioids, can irritate and produce acidity in the stomach lining.
  • Medical Conditions: Pregnancy, diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hiatal hernias can all raise the risk of acidity.

After learning about the signs and reasons, let’s look at 10 easy yet efficient at-home treatments for acid reflux:

Natural Remedies for Acidity at Home That Work Right Away

1. Jaggery

The natural sweetener jaggery is very beneficial to your digestive system. It contains a lot of magnesium, which lessens stomach acidity and strengthens your intestines. A tiny bit of jaggery can help you feel better after eating by balancing the acid in your stomach. It works particularly well after eating; just make sure you dissolve it completely in your mouth before swallowing.

2. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are full of components that might help settle your stomach, so they’re not simply for breath freshening. They lessen the amount of acid in your stomach and aid in better food digestion, which stops too much acid from being produced. To soothe your stomach, you can sip fennel tea or chew a teaspoon of fennel seeds.

3. Black Cumin Seeds

There is a history of using black cumin seeds to treat stomach problems. By keeping the digestive enzymes in check, they ensure that your stomach doesn’t produce an excessive amount of acid. To keep your stomach acid levels in check, you can drink a mixture of crushed black cumin seeds and water in the morning.

4. Cloves

Cloves have a cooling impact on the stomach and can significantly lower acidity by boosting salivary flow, which facilitates digestion and lowers stomach acid. Relieving symptoms of acidity can be achieved by slowly chewing a clove.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

After it is digested, apple cider vinegar, despite its acidic nature, actually has an alkalizing effect. This implies that it may lessen acidity by balancing the pH level in your stomach. To avoid acid reflux, dilute apple cider vinegar with water and consume it before meals. It can be too strong for some people, so start with small dosages and observe how your body responds.

6. Warm Water

The benefits of drinking warm water are numerous. It aids in better digestion, stomach cleanliness, and acidic level reduction. It works very well the first thing in the morning or half an hour before meals to get your stomach ready for breaking down.

7. Green Cardamom Pods

Green cardamom pods is digestive qualities are well-known. It lowers the risk of acid accumulation by promoting digestion. Cardamom pods can be boiled in water to make a tea, or chewed on. This may aid in the stomach acid’s neutralization.

8. Almonds

Almonds relieve and prevent acidity by counterbalancing the stomach’s natural fluids. They contain a lot of natural oils, which balance and calm the acid. When discomfort starts, eat a few almonds to help reduce the severity of your symptoms.

9. Hing Asafoetida

Strong spice asafoetida is well-known for its digestive advantages. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities aid in lowering acidity levels. Acid reflux can be quickly relieved by combining a pinch of asafoetida with warm water and drinking the mixture.

10. Warm Lemon Water

Lemon juice is acidic, but after it is broken down, it releases alkaline byproducts that can counteract stomach acid. Every morning, drinking lukewarm lemon water enables your body’s pH levels to be balanced and removes toxins from your digestive system.


Acidity is a discomfort caused by an excess of stomach acid, which can cause heartburn and other symptoms. It can be worsened by stress, hot food, or lying down shortly after eating. Symptoms include heartburn, regurgitation, bloating, frequent burping, nausea, ingestion, and constipation or diarrhea.

To manage acidity effectively, it is essential to recognize these symptoms and understand the causes. Common causes include bad eating habits, specific foods and drinks, lifestyle decisions, medications, and medical conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hiatal hernias.

Natural remedies for acidity at home include jaggery, fennel seeds, black cumin seeds, cloves, apple cider vinegar, warm water, green cardamom pods, almonds, hing asafoetida, and warm lemon water. Jaggery contains magnesium, which helps reduce stomach acidity and strengthens the intestines. Fennel seeds help settle the stomach and aid in digestion, while black cumin seeds help maintain digestive enzymes. Cloves have a cooling effect on the stomach and can lower acidity by boosting salivary flow. Apple cider vinegar has an alkalizing effect, balancing stomach pH levels. Warm water aids digestion, stomach cleanliness, and acidic level reduction.


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