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10 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Trade Shows

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Trade shows and exhibitions can be powerful tools to grow your business if used smartly. You should know what are the myths and misconceptions associated with them to avoid them. This approach will help you gain the maximum benefits of attending such events.

You must be feeling a bit curious to know about the prominent myths! Explore the insights and information shared by the prominent exhibition stand builders below.

Myth #1. Trade Shows are for Popular Brands Only

Whether you are a well-established brand or a newly founded startup, exhibitions and trade shows are for all. These business events offer equal opportunity to all exhibitors. You just need to make sure you are participating in the relevant trade fair according to your business that has the right kind of audience.

Conduct thorough research about the popular exhibitions and trade shows of your industry. Find those which are easily accessible to you. Analyse the demography of the visitors, whether they can be your target audience or not. Collaborate with professionals for a stunning exhibition stand and you will be able to gain the same benefits as a well-known brand.

Myth #2. Trade Shows are Expensive Affairs

It may seem like trade shows are too expensive, but it depends on how much ROI you can yield through them. Set a budget you can allocate in such endeavours and plan the rest of the exhibition-related processes keeping that budget in mind. Anticipate the ROI in measurable terms and implement the right strategies to optimise them.

Seek cost-effective exhibition stand design services, create a buzz about your participation, and appoint knowledgeable trade show booth staff. Also, incorporate an effective mechanism for lead collection at your booth and afterwards, implement a conclusive follow-up strategy to yield the most out of your trade show presence.

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Myth #3. Trade Shows are Waste of Time

Trade shows and exhibitions bring many opportunities for business growth. You need to identify and grab them, otherwise it will be just a waste of time. Your booth represents your business and it significantly impacts your brand image on and beyond the exhibition floor.

Use dynamic trade show booth designs, interactive booth elements and engaging staff to gain the maximum of trade shows. After the event, you must implement appropriate follow-up techniques to convert your leads. Such an approach will produce the best result of your time spent on the trade show floor.

Myth #4. Visitor Attendance is the Most Important Parameter

Visitor attendance is a crucial parameter at trade shows but it does not show the whole picture in a justified way. Even a smaller number of interested visitors may give you more sales than the higher number of casual visitors. Before beginning any preparations regarding exhibition participation, you must analyse the quality of the audience.

While analysing a trade show, you will easily discover the average number of visitors during recent years. However, you should further explore the segregation of that audience as decision-makers, owners, influential professionals and mere spectators. This insight will tell you about the quality of a trade show in a better way instead of just counting the overall number of visitors.

Myth #5. Trade Shows are not Effective in Modern Times

Digital marketing has emerged as a tremendous marketing tool in modern times. We are living in a digital world and any business can’t ignore digital marketing. However, you may need to think again if you are ignoring trade shows and exhibitions and focusing only on digital marketing.

Both marketing types are distinct from each other and have their own sets of benefits. Digital marketing may give you extensive reach among the target audience, but there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. The physical and real-time experience of your product at a trade show is more likely to generate sales than a glance at it on mobile or computer screens.

Myth #6. Booth Location is Key to Trade Show Success

Your booth location plays a crucial role in getting more footfall and ultimately generating sales but you cannot deny other factors for your success at the exhibition. Always strive to get to high-traffic zones but don’t get disappointed if you don’t get it.

Focus on installing visually attractive exhibition stands, create buzz about your participation and employ welcoming booth staff. Incorporate interactive touchscreens and AR/VR tools to attract and engage maximum potential customers. That approach will help you generate promising ROI without depending on the booth location.

Myth #7. Sales Define Success at Trade Shows

Trade shows offer a brilliant platform to generate sales, but there is a lot more beyond that. If you take only “sales” as the major indicator of success at business events, you may need to look around. Your participation often creates long-lasting impacts that may convert into sales beyond the time and space of trade shows.

When you represent your business in a trade show or exhibition, you showcase it in front of a huge number of potential customers. It boosts your brand value and helps you achieve your branding goals. You need to ensure that you can create a long-lasting brand impression through memorable custom exhibition stand design and welcoming booth staff.

Myth #8. Trade Shows are Good Only for Networking

Trade shows and exhibitions comprise diverse audiences. It includes entry-level professionals to seasoned industry leaders, new and untapped potential customers to old and loyal customers. When you attend a business event, you get the opportunity to build a new professional network as well as revive the old one.

That approach of building and strengthening your network can benefit your business in many ways over time. You may form valuable business collaborations, strengthen your current supply chain or even generate sales.

Myth #9. Anyone can Host Your Booth at Trade Shows

Your booth staff is an essential element for success at trade shows and exhibitions. They have to answer every question and query at the trade show booth adequately. They should know your brand and offering in and out. They need to display a welcoming and warm attitude to gain engagement and encourage interaction.

Myth #10. All Trade Shows are More or Less the Same

Every business event is unique and has its own benefits. Trade shows are distinct from each other even if they are from the same industry. Each event brings a different set of audiences together and has different goals and missions. Determine these aspects of the trade shows and design your campaign accordingly to gain the maximum benefit from it.

Collaborate with Professionals in Exhibition Stand Design and Construction

Trade shows are brilliant tools that can strengthen your brand identity and accelerate your business growth rate. Collaborate with experts for exhibition stand construction and further processes. Seek their professional expertise and experience to transform your exhibition experience and generate huge ROI.

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