Medical Study Abroad: UK USA by Mumbai Expert

Medical Study Abroad: UK v/s USA by Mumbai Expert- Part 1

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Do you also wish to study MBBS abroad? But confused about whether the UK or the USA is the right place for you. A lot of scholars from India have started showing their passion for studying abroad. The figures of Indian students moving to foreign nations for education has increased. Also, the majority of them are from the medical field, shifting to the States or the UK, which shows that the countries are a gem for the stream. So, to help you find the best location for your medical study abroad between the two, this article can be a great guide.

Here, you will get insights to finalise the apt study place, comparison and the names of the best colleges. After that, you’ll be ready to apply either to the UK or the USA. Therefore, if you belong to the city of dreams (Mumbai), you may contact the study abroad consultants Mumbai for help. They are also available online to assist you at every level of your plan.

How to Choose the Right Destination?

There are several factors you can count on while selecting the place for your MBBS degree from the UK or the USA. It is a tough task to perform, but with expert aid, you can get the best for yourself. To know more check below.

Purpose of the Degree

First, consider your aim of pursuing medical study abroad and, then take the other factors into the picture. It will help you to understand what you want out of the course and how the country supports it. Let’s say you want a career in nursing but don’t know how the degree will help you. Since you are not clear with your goal, your prime task becomes to learn about the things to want to explore from your studies.

Resources of the Nation

It is vital to check the healthcare facilities and resources of America and the UK before you select one of them. The services the nations offer to its citizens in the medical domain matter if you are going to study there. For example, if the UK has the finest resources to lead a great future in medical study abroad, then considering it is the best option. Hence, following the updates of the nations for your chosen course can turn out to be beneficial.

Ranking of the Country

The ratings of the nation at the QS board talk a lot about its education. It speaks about its institutes, the quality of students and studies, placements, etc. Thus, checking the rankings before choosing between the UK and the US is a wise idea. Do you need expert help to analyse the ratings of the nation and colleges abroad? Then, consult education consultants in Mumbai for help.

Recognition of the Course

Getting a degree from abroad that does not hold validity in another nation seems terrifying, right? Well, that is not the case in every country. However, if you talk about India, it does not accept the UG course from overseas in MBBS without an exam. That’s the reason, you must check the acceptance of the program globally. You can seek the study abroad consultants Mumbai for more details.

Now, you may be able to identify the fit between your goal and choice of the nation. So, to take it a step further, below is the data of the premier universities of America and the UK.

Finest & Leading Universities in the UK

 Here you’ll get a list of the eminent life sciences institutes of the UK known at the global level. These are the best options for medical study abroad follow below to know why.

University of Oxford

It is a well-known college in the UK that provides programs for all the streams including medical science. It was established in the year 1096 and, hence, became the oldest University in the English-speaking World. To know more about the institute, you may look below.

  • CoursesIt provides more than 15 courses in the field of life and medical sciences for UG, PG and research programmes.
  • RatingsAlso, it is ranked third in the world’s top University rankings.
  • International ExposureAs per the QS rankings data, the Institute shows a 98.2 foreign faculty and student ratio.
  • Employability – It has excellent outcomes in placing the scholars.
  • Academic ReputationThe Institute holds a vital image globally at academic and holistic levels.

University of Cambridge

The institute is located in Cambridge and has a rich history to share with people. If you wish to join there, you may connect with the study abroad consultants Mumbai for further updates.

  • Courses – It offers a wide range of programs for all degrees in the field of science.
  • Ratings – It stands second on the QS World University Rankings.
  • International Exposure – Further, it shows a 100 per cent ratio for International faculties followed by 95.8 for overseas applicants.
  • Employability – It has amazing employment outcomes i.e. 100 percent results.
  • Academic Reputation- Moreover, as the position defines, it has global recognition.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College London offers a lively experience to scholars at its campus. Apart from its medical study abroad, it is also popular for business studies. Hence, if you wish to try your luck to get into the institute. First, you must know about it.

  • Courses- You can find more than 30 courses to study medicine at the college.
  • Ratings- Also, lies under the world’s top 10 institutes.
  • International Exposure- It is known for its diverse culture and best-quality teaching.
  • Employability- Out of 100, at least 85 students get jobs every year.
  • Academic Reputation- In addition, recognized for its premier image in all the courses at the global level.

University College London

It is a public research institute, operates as UCL, England. The college has the highest number of total enrollments in the UK. Let’s know about it in detail below.

  • Courses- Scholars can explore various subjects in medical and life sciences.
  • Ratings- It is Ranked ninth among the top global institutes.
  • International Exposure- Also, draws faculties and students across the globe.
  • Employability- It has shown the quality results in placing the graduates.
  • Academic Reputation- Moreover, it stands for its eminent rapport not only in education but also in overall growth.

King’s College London

KCL was founded by the royal charter in the year 1829. Hence, it makes it one of the oldest institutes in the UK.

  • Courses- It provides more than 100 courses in master’s and nearly 50 courses in bachelor’s by giving aspirants a range of options to explore.
  • Ratings- Also, it falls under the top fifty institutes of the world and comes under the top five colleges of the UK for medical.
  • International Exposure- It attracts applicants from all over the world to give them a taste of world-class education.
  • Employability- Additionally, it has seen good results in placing the scholars at their desired firms.
  • Academic Reputation- It Upholds the image of providing top-notch studies in every domain.

This is all about the best 5 Institutes for medical studies in the UK. If you wish to grab your seat in the colleges, you may connect with The experts there not only guide you with the city selection but also aid you in finding the stay and institute. Along with the visa application assistance. Thus, connecting with them can be a great deal for you. Moreover, this article also has another part that will equip you with the details on the US part. Hence, stay tuned for more updates.


The purpose of this article is to guide you about the science studies of both nations so that you can make the right decision to start your educational path. The journey of studying abroad is not easy, if you don’t prepare it well. Thus, to help you on this route, the education consultants in Mumbai are ready to serve you. Also, they can be a greater choice for several reasons. It is because they aid you in visa, college and country selection, housing and whatnot. Hence, why wait when you can embark on the journey soon with the right approach? To get the insights on the US part you must read part 2 of the article.

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