10 Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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The tiny home concept is gaining popularity as a way to live in a vacation house or if you are aiming for spartan living. However, many communities throughout Greater Cincinnati have small homes and condos that they use every day. Small homes can be a great investment for first-time homebuyers. Some small Interior Design home designs have stood the test of time, such as bungalows, cottages and cabins. They also have a unique appeal for buyers. There are many interior design tricks that will make a small room feel bigger. Also discuss with carpenter dubai professional. You can use different decoration techniques, like hanging the curtains higher, or using the exact same color throughout your home. But here, we will focus on remodeling, architectural and interior design tips you can incorporate into your home improvements.

1. Open the floor plan.

The interior walls of a small house can make it feel cramped and limit the options available for storage, lighting, and flow. It is particularly true for older homes’ kitchens and dining areas, which used to be considered separate spaces from the living area. Consider removing a wall between the adjacent kitchen, and dining room to create more space. The wall between a living area and a dining room, or a kitchen could be removed in order to improve the connection between the rooms. The exterior windows will be able to light up the interior of the house more naturally when walls are removed. Speak to a professional before making any changes in your home. An engineer will have to determine the location of electrical and plumbing mechanicals and load-bearing walls in your home.

2. Use the same flooring in several rooms that are connected.

The use of a single type of flooring in a series connected rooms can trick the eye to see the space as if it were one large room rather than dozens smaller ones. This is particularly effective if your floor plan has been opened up or if there are wider doorways between the rooms. However, it can also be used in homes with smaller spaces. Hardwood and engineered wood are versatile options that can be used in many rooms on the ground floor. Neutral carpeting works well upstairs. Match the maintenance requirements of each flooring material to your room’s needs.

3. Reduce visual color contrasts.

Many people worry that a darker room will make them feel smaller. In reality, the rooms with a high contrast between light and darkness are those where we feel most confined. When there are sharp contrasts between colors, we can see them more easily in small rooms. Colors in a narrower range of dark and light tones make rooms appear larger, because they are less noticeable.

4. Use the height available.

Even small rooms often have high ceilings. This is especially true in historic homes in downtown Cincinnati. Extend cabinetry, fireplaces and trimwork upward to make the most of available height. We are less likely notice walls that are closer to eye level when we have a feeling of grandeur above. It also allows for more storage and decor, which reduces clutter near the floor.

5. Use built-ins to replace bulky furniture.

In a small house, functional storage space is key. When every inch counts, recessed shelving can be a great way to save space. Cabinetry that is recessed also saves space on the floor. Cabinets can help keep your home looking uncluttered and organized by containing contents. Built-ins are a great way to utilize spaces that would otherwise be wasted by furniture. They can also be customized with storage needs.

6. Keep the floor visible and open.

If you can, look for ways to make the floor more visible. This can be achieved by using a pedestal in a bathroom or a kitchen island with open shelves underneath. This technique, like many others on our list allows you to see more space and make the room seem larger.

7. Repurpose space that is unused or underutilized.

Consider repurposing small rooms in your house that are not being used for their intended purpose. You can also join them with adjoining rooms. If you don’t have a walk-in wardrobe in your master bedroom, this can be an effective way to create one. You can also look at the structure of your house to see if you have any space that could be added to to increase square footage. Garages and attics are two places you can look, but rearranging your hallway may also be a good idea.

Focus on Lighting

Due to the lack of windows or small ones, a small space can feel dark. Add plenty of lighting to every room from the kitchen up to the bedroom. Combining striking ceiling fixtures, such as a pendant light or an elegant flush mount depending on the height of your ceilings, with sconces and table lamps will create a bright and cozy atmosphere.

Mirrors are your friend

Mirrors are a great way to make the most out of the natural light you have. They can reflect it all around the room. Mirrors also give the impression of more space, as they reflect light around the room. Consider creating a gallery of mirrors in different sizes and shapes or lining the wall with large mirrors.

8. Fixtures should be sized correctly for the room.

Be careful when you are looking for furniture or light fixtures to ensure that they fit the size of the room. A large hanging lamp can look out of place in a small space. An professional designer can help you find the perfect fixtures.

9. Prioritize organizing your remodeling projects.

When a small space is organized and orderly, it will instantly feel larger than if the space was not. Plan your space to keep clutter off the counters, and avoid a space-free-for-all. Consider how storage solutions can be used to create focal points or highlight collections to maintain a streamlined visual appearance. You can have everything organized with glass-fronted cabinetry for your china in the kitchen or around a fireplace.

10. Wherever you can, add natural light.

By blurring the lines between the inside and the outside, large windows will help make a small room feel bigger. This simple trick can be used in almost any room with skylights or windows.

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