How Can You Reduce Print Costs at Your School?

How Can You Reduce Print Costs at Your School?

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Adopting economical solutions without compromising standards has become a headache for schools. It is challenging to keep a balance between the two approaches. Particularly when it comes to printing costs, educational institutions find themselves between a rock and a hard place in this regard.

However, there are several strategies that can be followed to achieve the milestone. Schools can cut down on their print expenses while maintaining quality by meticulously following some tips.

If you own a school and are looking forward to decreasing your expenditures, keep reading. This article will answer the important question of how you can reduce print costs at your school.

Top 5 Tips to Decrease Printing Expenses at Schools

Decreasing printing expenses at schools is no longer a tough nut to crack. All you have to do is implement some effective strategies. These include renting a printer instead of buying one, printing only what you need, controlling access, and using both sides of paper. Moreover, regularly maintaining your printer can also do the trick. Let’s discuss each of the above tips separately:

1. Rent a Printer

The first thing that you should do to reduce your printing cost is to rent a printer. This approach is more cost effective than buying the machine. This way, you will be able to decrease the overall spending without compromising standards.

The traditional way of buying printers is very expensive. First of all, it burdens you with a hefty upfront cost. Secondly, there are many ongoing expenses associated with maintenance, repair, and overcoming other challenges. On the other hand, if you rent one, you will enjoy the following benefits in terms of costs:

  • You can avoid substantial purchase prices
  • There are minimum chances of mishaps and failures
  • Depending on your contract, you can save a lot of money by evading maintenance and other ongoing costs

Hence, this is the best way to keep extra money in your own pocket. Therefore, schools opt for printer rental Abu Dhabi based services to reduce their printing costs.

2. Analyze Your Printing Needs

Being considerate about your printing needs is essential. Unfortunately, most schools fail to analyze their printing needs carefully. The printing operation keeps going without regarding the necessity of the task.

Your printing expenses surge when you print everything without thinking whether it is required or not. Many documents can be utilized in the form of soft copies. Copying them will only lead to an increase in your printing cost.

Therefore, you should pay heed to this matter if you are willing to lessen your expenses. Printing only what you need will help you save money in the following ways:

  • Fewer pages will be used
  • Ink usage will be decreased
  • Less strain on your printer, which can reduce the need for frequent maintenance

Hence, by restricting your printing needs to “only the necessary documents,” you can make significant cutbacks.


3. Control Access to the Printer

Controlling access to the printer is instrumental in cutting down the costs. This tactic ensures that only authorized and trusted individuals will use the printer responsibly. Keep an eye on the number of copies each of your staff makes.

In most schools, everyone is allowed to access printers. This leads everyone to think that your institution has unlimited print resources.  As a result, some people also start using printers for their personal needs.

Using an access control system allows you to audit every user. You can check who is utilizing the machine more frequently and unnecessarily. Moreover, ask everyone to preview their documents carefully before getting a copy. It will decrease the risk of mistakes and repeated prints.

4. Use Both Sides of the Paper

Another best way to decrease your printing expenses is to print on both sides of the paper. This will make sure that less papers are used on the premises of your school, hence saving you from spending extra money on more paper.

To make this possible, you can take the following steps:

  • Encouraging users to print double-sided
  • Adjusting the printer settings accordingly

This strategy offers numerous benefits. For example, it will boost your economization efforts, save time, and enhance print quality.

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5. Regularly Maintain Your Printer

Regular maintenance of the printer can assist you in reducing the costs associated with printer repair. Moreover, this way, your printer will keep working efficiently without using extra toner and ink.

Unfortunately, printer maintenance is the most overlooked matter in the schools. Staff responsible for this task use a reactive approach and wait for the printer to show some issues. Consequently, you end up spending money on costly repairs.

Ensure that your employees are implementing a proactive approach in this regard. You can refer to the printer rental Abu Dhabi based services to rent high-quality printers that require a little maintenance.


For schools, cutting down on printing expenses while keeping up the standards can be challenging. However, you can achieve the milestone by printing only necessary documents, controlling access to your printer, using double-sided prints, and proactively maintaining your machine. Moreover, renting a printer from a reliable service provider is also the best option for this purpose.

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