All about Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements & Visa Types

All about Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements & Visa Types

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Considering a vacation to Saudi Arabia? It’s important to know the country’s visa requirements apart from Umrah packages from USA before you organize your luggage and make your travel arrangements. Here are all the essential details you require to ensure a quick and easy visa application procedure. Important details including the many visa choices available, eligibility requirements, the application process, and costs will all be covered.

Tourist Visas for Saudi Arabia

Travel Permit Saudi Arabia is opening up to more tourists; thanks to the tourist visa, people from numerous countries can now enjoy the splendors of the country. In 2019, the Saudi Arabian visa for tourists was first made available. Approximately 24,000 international visitors visited Saudi Arabia within 10 days after its initial implementation; most of these visitors were from USA, UK, and China.

Upon arrival at specific airports or online, nationals of sixty-three countries will apply for a tourist visa to visit Saudi Arabia as of 2024. You need a passport that is currently valid and has at least six months left on it after the desired stay when you apply.


For travelers who are interested in culture and leisure, the Saudi Arabian visa for tourists offers several benefits. Visas for tourists come in two varieties:

  • “Single Entry” visa, which permits visitors to enter Saudi Arabia once and remain for a maximum of thirty days.
  • “Multiple Entry” visa, which allows visitors to enter the Kingdom multiple times in a year with stays of no more than 90 days.
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Applying for a tourist visa is a simple process that may be completed quickly and easily online!


Business Visa

At the start of 2019, most business visits to Saudi Arabia were made possible through sponsorship visas, which were not very flexible or easily obtained. Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s ambitious aim for economic diversification, is in line with the launch of the business visa.

International businesses and entrepreneurs find Saudi Arabia to be a desirable location because of its rapidly expanding economy and distinctive commercial prospects.  However, obtaining the appropriate visa is necessary for a productive business trip. A business visa is necessary for anyone visiting Saudi Arabia for business, including consultants, independent contractors, and representatives of companies, to attend meetings, negotiate contracts, or take part in conferences.


  • You must be a citizen of a nation that is authorized to issue visas.
  • Your business visit must have a legitimate reason for occurring; it could be to go to meetings, sign contracts, take part in conferences, look into collaborations, or conduct business.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of your intended stay.
  • A Saudi company must sponsor you; this company will serve as your legal guarantor.
  • You must fulfill the financial conditions, which include proving you have the money to pay for your stay and your business expenses.


Visa for Umrah

For Muslims worldwide, the Umrah trip is a revered voyage that enables them to carry out particular rites in the Saudi Arabian holy towns of Mecca and Medina. You must get a unique visa known as an Umrah Visa to participate in this spiritual voyage. There are several exceptions to the rule that almost all countries need an Umrah visa to visit Saudi Arabia for religious purposes. Certain nationals, such as those in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), may enter the country without a visa or obtain one upon arrival for Umrah.


You must have a valid passport that is functional for at least six months after the date of your planned trip to Saudi Arabia to be qualified for a cheap Ramadan Umrah package. In addition, you will require confirmation of immunization from meningitis and other required vaccines, no criminal convictions, and full travel coverage that is good for the duration of your trip. It’s also crucial—and required—to sign up with an approved Umrah package supplier.

Procedure for applications:

Select an approved Umrah service supplier. You could want to get in touch with a certified Umrah service provider, who would apply for the visa on your behalf.

  • Give the Umrah company your passport, certificate of immunization, travel insurance information, and any other documents they may require.
  • The travel company will send the Saudi authorities your application.
  • Submit the Umrah visa charge, which varies according to your country and length of stay.

You will obtain your visa electronically after it has been approved.


Additional Visas

The most common sorts of visas for visitors to Saudi Arabia are those for tourists, business travelers, and pilgrims going on the Umrah and Hajj. However, you are eligible for many different visa categories that address certain circumstances:

  • A family visitation visa enables you to pay relatives who reside in Saudi Arabia a visit. Evidence of your relationship and sponsorship from an in-state family member are required.
  • Companion visa: this permits Saudi Arabian residency for spouses and relatives of those with work visas.
  • Visa for personal visitation: this type of visa is used for individual and non-family visits.
  • Student visa: International students can attend Saudi Arabian educational institutions on a student visa. Approval from a required university and evidence of stable finances are prerequisites.
  • Government visa: A government visa is given to people who have been permitted by the Saudi government to attend events on official business.
  • Diplomatic and official visas: these are granted to foreign ambassadors serving in Saudi Arabia, along with their families, and officials of international organizations.
  • Transit visa: With this visa, visitors can enter Saudi Arabia and go to another country.
  • Employment visa: this permits you to find employment in Saudi Arabia and is subject to the Ministry of Labor’s approval and an endorsement form from a Saudi employer.
  • Resident visa: A residence visa enables you to remain in Saudi Arabia for a prolonged period and work there. One can acquire it by working, investing, or getting married to a Saudi national.
  • Premium residence visa: this provides advantages like multi-entry visas and property ownership together with a quicker route to residency.

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