working at height in UAE

Things you Need to Know Working at heights in Dubai

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Things you Need to Know Working at heights in Dubai

What is meant by working at height?

What are the risks?

What does the legislation provide and what are the training obligations? Find out everything you need to know in our mini guide.

Statistical data show that almost a third of fatal accidents at work are attributable to falls from heights.

In fact, construction is the sector where workers are most exposed to dangerous situations.

For this reason, the Consolidated Law on Health and Safety in the workplace has provided precise indications for the prevention of these accidents by analyzing risks, rules and obligations in detail.

But let’s analyze in more detail how working at height works.


From what height should the risk be assessed?

As anticipated, work carried out at heights above 2 meters is considered work at height.

The distance from the ground for which the risk is assessed must be calculated with reference to the height where the work is carried out – ground, floor, roof, scaffolding – and not to the worker’s walking surface.

The main work activities considered work at height and subject to risk assessment include:

  • Building or civil engineering works;
  • Maintenance, repair, transformation or renovation works;
  • Demolition or dismantling works;
  • Installation works of electrical systems and lines;
  • Works involving excavations deeper than 2 metres;
  • Assembly and dismantling of prefabricated buildings.


What are the risks associated with working at heights?

Working at height exposes workers to risks that can be caused both by the height and by the failure to adopt adequate safety measures.

They can cause serious damage to the worker’s health and, in the worst cases, lead to death.

A correct risk assessment for working at heights must start from the identification of all the possible risks that workers may face. For more blogs

Among these we find the following types:

fall from a height, due to loss of balance or lack of adequate safety measures.

Inert suspension of the body occurs when the worker remains suspended for a long time following loss of consciousness due to a fall or slip. In these cases it is essential that the worker is removed from the suspended position as soon as possible, to avoid worsening of vital functions.

Pendulum effect, due to the uncontrolled oscillatory movement of the body linked to an anchor point. It can cause the worker to hit an obstacle.

Impacts or injuries of various kinds, such as impacts, cuts or crushing due to falling masses during transport with construction vehicles. Click Here for Working at height Course in UAE


The risk assessment must be kept in the Risk Assessment Document – DVR to which the activity refers.

The DVR is one of the mandatory documents for workplace safety, also fundamental for establishing and adopting emergency measures and interventions.

PPE for working at heights:

Work at heights must be carried out in adequate safety conditions, and for this reason it is necessary to use suitable equipment and devices.

  • The employer has the obligation to choose the most appropriate devices to guarantee safe working conditions
  • Give priority to collective protection measures over individual protection measures – PPE;
  • Choose work equipment based on the nature of the work to be performed.


Collective protection measures include all systems that seek to eliminate the problem at its source and therefore the worker’s exposure to risk.

The Collective Protection Devices  – to be used in workplaces where there is a risk of falling from heights can be divided into:

  • Guardrails, which prevent the worker from falling from flat and inclined work surfaces;
  • Safety nets, which prevent and/or reduce the effects of the worker falling from a height;
  • Combined systems, i.e. parapets and safety nets integrated together. They should be used if individual protections do not eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


As seen previously, if it has not been possible to eliminate all risks through collective protection measures, it is necessary for workers to additionally use suitable fall-prevention PPE.

Fall arrest PPE falls into category 3 devices and has the objective of reducing damage in the event of a fall. Among the main fall prevention PPE we find:

  • Energy absorbers;
  • Connectors;
  • Anchoring devices;
  • Lanyards;
  • Retractable devices;
  • Flexible or rigid lifelines;

Furthermore, workers who use them must receive specific training on the correct use of them.

What does the regulation provide?

The obligations of the employer, establishing that he must:

  • Choose the most suitable access system to the temporary work area at height, considering the frequency of circulation, the difference in altitude and the duration of use;
  • Provide for the use of a ladder in the workplace at height, in cases where it is not possible to use safer devices;
  • Prepare access and positioning systems using ropes on which the worker must support himself, and only when it is not possible to carry out the work in safe conditions;
  • Identify the measures to be implemented to minimize risks for workers by installing protective devices against falls from heights;
  • Prohibit carrying out work at heights if weather conditions endanger the safety and health of workers;
  • Prohibit workers from drinking alcoholic beverages and spirits.

The employer is also required to appoint the competent doctor and have the workers undergo health surveillance, as established during the risk assessment phase.

The competent doctor will be responsible for drawing up the health protocol, which will indicate the clinical and instrumental tests to which each worker must undergo. Click Here for Working at Height Rescue Course 

In addition to the employer’s obligations, Chapter II illustrated the general provisions, specifying that:

  • The traffic flow of people and vehicles must be guaranteed on construction sites;
  • The construction site must be equipped with a fence to prevent access to non-experts;
  • Transit under suspension bridges, cantilever bridges and aerial ladders must be prevented with the use of barriers.


Training and certificate:

Ensuring the training of workers working at heights is one of the Employer’s obligations.

When the work activity requires it, he must provide adequate and targeted preparation for the planned operations, especially regarding rescue procedures. In particular, the training must cover:

  • Operating techniques and use of necessary devices;
  • Use of personal protective equipment, including technical characteristics, maintenance, durability and conservation;
  • First aid elements;
  • Objective risks and prevention and protection measures;


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