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Looking for a real PopStroke Survey? In this article, I reveal the pros and cons of my involvement in PopStroke sharing and some time-saving support tips!

Our family recently raved about a family gathering at PopStroke in Sarasota, Florida. Our group, which included non-golfers and amateur golfers from three generations, came together for a family celebration. Even though I’ve been on PopStroke before, I wanted to get the consensus of three generations. In this unbiased PopStroke review, I hope to provide an engaging and in-depth explanation of what PopStroke has to offer and show why it is more than just a miniature golf course. And just to be clear to readers, PopStroke did not pay us to write this piece or to sponsor it. The photos below were taken in Sarasota at PopStroke.

How does PopStroke work?

PopStroke Sarasota entry for smaller than usual golf and restaurant. PopStroke, Eatery and Rooftop Bar View at PopStroke Sarasota, not your conventional smaller than usual fairway. Assuming you’re like me, I asked my significant other this exact question. In short, PopStroke is a unique putting course with high quality food and activities for all ages. There are two easy and hard mini golf courses. Play for a single low price in all rounds. During their round of golf, each player will hold a TaylorMade PopStroke golf ball.

PopStroke Activities:

Two 18-hole golf courses (Tiger and Cub), children’s playground, game tables (ping pong, foosball and corn hole), ice cream, full restaurant and bar, rooftop seating and television

Founders and Partnerships

Greg Bartoli founded PopStroke in 2018. It is a joint venture between Tiger Woods’ TGR Ventures and Greg Bartoli. Since then, the business has expanded to new locations and diversified. TaylorMade Golf Co. strengthened its ownership group with a significant investment in 2023.

The PopStroke Experience

Popstroke photography and montage from Senior Golf Source showing the roast chicken and fries, fairway and bar and climbing frames.Pop Stroke’s combination of golf and food sets it apart from other golf courses. There are two 18-hole courses at each site, all of which are made of synthetic turf. These courses are made to look like a traditional golf course with fairways, bunkers and roughs. This will give you a real golf experience in a small family friendly environment. Pop Stroke offers customizable food and beverage packages, making it the optimal space for gatherings or occasions.

PopStroke app

PopBucks is a loyalty program offered to regular customers by the PopStroke app. Billable items include drinks, food and merchandise. The PopStroke app is also convenient for requesting drinks from anywhere on the course. On PopStroke, for every dollar you spend, you can get a $10 shopping credit toward a future order.


Golf suitable for the whole family and a good time for everyone

PopStroke Jungle gym shows a covered climbing frame with an elastic surface.While playing golf is the core fascination of PopStroke, the environment caters to non-golfers as well. Families with children will especially appreciate the children’s playground and game tables for all age categories.

Conveniently attached to the restaurant, the playground has an ADA compliant ramp for wheelchairs or strollers, and the entire area is fenced for safety. Guardians and grandparents can participate in their feast or refreshments while keeping an eye on their children as they play. These options are available to you without having to pay for golf. I was actually only at PopStroke for the games and outdoor feasting area!

PopStroke Restaurant & Bar

PopStroke Eatery and Bar seating showing the open deck and bar in Sarasota. PopStroke Restaurant and Bar is a great place to eat hearty and tasty food in a fun and lively environment. It is also a great place to celebrate special occasions. Appetizers like nachos are perfect for group sharing. They offer a range of culinary delights, from small gummies like wings to more substantial passages.

I usually order a hamburger and a chicken tender with fries and/or coleslaw as my two main courses. However, they provide a wide range of sides to suit a wide range of preferences. The PopStroke Bar also offers draft lagers, mixed drinks and wine. Tiger Red, Double Eagle and Kick Your Putt Margaritas are fun drink names. You can eat on the course or sit at the table.

Homemade Ice creams or milkshakes

My favorite treats also include milkshakes and homemade ice cream from PopStroke Ice Cream. With their great commitment to 24 varieties of premium frozen yogurt, you can choose from liberal options like C is for Treat and Peanut Butter Fudge. Their milkshakes are very popular with children, although my son usually orders ice cream there. With top-notch products like Nut Putter Flawlessness, all families can have a delicious snack they’ll appreciate.Their milkshakes are very popular with children, although my son usually orders ice cream there. With top-notch products like Nut Putter Flawlessness, all families can have a delicious snack they’ll appreciate.

Popstroke Pricing and Hours

Golf with PopStroke is available for a flat price. It’s the same price whether you play once or all day. So in case you’re looking for a modest little golf insight, this isn’t it. Adults evaluate ranges with respect to area. My visit to PopStroke Sarasota was $30 and discounted prices for children and seniors are $15 and $20. Make it an experience like I did with my family, like I did. You can play golf on two courses, eat delicious food and enjoy other games and activities on the course. The cost is actually quite low  compared to Top Golf if you want to spend some time here.

PopStroke Tournaments

PopStroke offers more than just a round of golf for competitive play. Did you know that you could win more than $600,000 combined? The PopStroke Visit Series (PTS) has various opportunities that lead to the title of PopStroke Visit. Participating in the PopStroke League is a fun way to meet new people. Golf leagues currently offer prizes and are played on Tuesday evenings for ten weeks. In these associations, you can get focuses to eventually meet all the requirements for the PopStroke Visit title.

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