Sterling Silver Jewelry

Keep Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Clean And Intact: 5 Pro Tips

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Sterling Silver jewelry is by far one of the finest and most elegant types of silver jewelry on the market. In sterling silver specimens, the total percentage of genuine and precious silver is close to 90%. With its unrivaled beauty and extraordinary elegance that can redefine your individuality, adorning oneself with this auspicious jewelry can compel you to showcase your beauty.

It has a devastating quality and ethereal sheen and shimmer that is accompanied by a magnificent appearance and appeal, making it one of the most hand-picked silver jewels on the market. Sterling silver jewelry is extremely strong and long-lasting. However, as with all gemstone jewelry, there comes a time when the radiance and elegance begin to fade. Sterling Silver is not an exception to this norm and follows natural rules.

It can be heartbreaking for jewelry enthusiasts to see the beauty and charm of their treasured jewelry fade away. We do, however, have some excellent news for you. All you would need to do to re-establish the lost beauty and exquisiteness of your sterling silver specimens is to follow a few cleaning tips and procedures.

Keep your Sterling Silver Jewelry Clean and Intact: 5 Pro Tips

Restoring The Shine Of The Stone.

In the world of gemstone and jewelry, sterling silver is considered to be quite a versatile jewelry that has left everyone struck with its awe-inspiring beauty and glamour. Whether it’s a formal corporate party or a cheerful event full of light and flowers, sterling silver jewelry never goes out of fashion.

However, having said that, the instances of it getting coated with a layer of rust over the wheel of time surges up. The best approach you can have to prevent this from happening is to resort to a high-quality jewelry polishing gel that has the potential to bring back that lost shine and elegance.

The process is not tedious at all. All you need to do is to just add a few drops of treated water to the polishing gel and apply it on the surface of that sterling silver with the help of a jewelry cloth. Rub it with a gentle hand without applying undue pressure. Make sure you are not using tissue paper or any towel as the rough and harder cloth can remove the silver coating from the surface of your silver jewelry. Simply apply the polishing solution over the jewelry and you would be startled to see how effectively that solution works like magic indeed.

Make sure to properly store the silver jewelry after polishing.

Cleaning Is Necessary.

No doubt that post polishing, your sterling silver jewelry would indeed look mesmerizing and magnificent in the most adorable and alluring way. Nevertheless, polishing may not always be the best solution you can resort to as the jewelry gets exposed to more and more tons of dust and oil particles lingering in the environment. This can dull the effect of sterling silver.

However, you need to realize the fact that after wearing it for quite a considerable time on purchasing, the efficacy of the polish may not suffice the need anymore. When you wear your jewelry often, it becomes a flourishing ground for dust and dirt particles continuously. And this layer of oily dirt is so much stubborn that mere water and polish can’t serve as a cleansing agent anymore.

Over time, it becomes less attractive and charming. Regular cleansing using a solution of water and a mild soap or detergent can help you get rid of that oily layer resting on the surface. Mix the lukewarm water with soap and use a brush with soft bristles to gently remove oil and dirt particles from the surface. Be strict with the pressure that you are lending onto the surface. Rigid pressure can lead to even breakage or severe damage.

Adhere to Proper Storage Protocols

The best tip you can follow to ensure that your sterling silver jewelry serves for a prolonged period of time and lends a timeless elegance and a strong sheen is to ensure that it is stored properly and carefully. Yes, washing it regularly and polishing it often plays a crucial role in maintaining the beauty and shimmer of your exquisite silver jewelry. But if not follow proper storage protocols, you will definitely be left with bulged eyes on seeing that the jewelry is slowly losing its shine and shimmer. It would definitely be overpowered with tarnishing and rusting if left at the mercy of luck.

Always store in a moist-free place in separate zip locks or air-tight plastic bags. You can put a piece of charcoal for better precautions.

Resort to Ultrasound Cleansing

Homemade cleaning treatments are an excellent approach to protect sterling silver jewelry’s long-term durability and beauty. However, no homemade cleaning solution can compete with the enchantment of professional cleaning.

After several occasions of wearing sterling silver jewelry, its lost luster and beauty necessitates treatment with a professional cleansing technique such as ultrasound, which will not only reverse the process but will also restore or treat breakages or any other severe damage to the jewel. Ultrasound is regarded as one of the most effective jewel-cleaning treatments in the world. It is specifically intended to cure and clean hard and long-lasting gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

This device uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to remove the extra layer of dust and tarnishing from the source, restoring sterling silver to its original brilliance and glitter.

Keep It Close To Your Body

Every sort of designer gemstone jewelry, whether it is sterling silver or opal, is meant to be worn and adorned. So, the best practice you can follow to keep it intact and dirt-free is to wear it every day.

When sterling silver is in constant touch with the body, the natural oils that the body secret get absorbed by the outer-most surface of the sterling silver. This additional layer of oil shields the surface against tarnishing, rust, and all sorts of dust and dirt particles lingering in the environment. All you need to ensure is to be regular and time-strict with cleansing, polishing, and proper storage.

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