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Together in Times of Crisis: Emergency Support for Every Community

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An Australian Government initiative, The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), supports people with disability and their families or caretakers. One of the key benefits of the NDIS is its emergency support services that cater to people with disabilities in critical situations. The NDIA will assess the individual’s needs and determine which emergency support services suit their situation.

The NDIS community support also works with local service providers who can provide these emergency supports as individual participants require. Providers must meet specific standards the NDIA sets before delivering emergency support under the Scheme.

Types of emergency support services under the NDIS

Here are some of the services provided by NDIS as emergency support for each community-

1. Short-term accommodation 

It provides overnight or more extended stays of up to 28 days in private, secure housing with essential care support available. It can be used when there are changes in living arrangements or other situations where people may need temporary assistance. Short-term accommodation can include:

  • Hostels and boarding houses.
  • Supported residential services.
  • Respite services.
  • Crisis response services.
  • Shared community housing.
  • Help with daily tasks such as shopping, preparing meals and cleaning.

This type of service helps to ensure that people have access to safe and secure housing while they find long-term solutions to their needs. In addition, the cost of these services varies depending on the level of support needed and the length of stay.

2. Support coordination

Support Coordinators help participants identify their needs and find appropriate services to meet them. They provide various services, such as assisting the participants in selecting service providers, making referrals for additional NDIS community support, and offering advice on any available funding options. Support Coordinators also work closely with NDIS-registered providers to meet all service requirements. They may also monitor progress towards goals, address concerns or resolve issues related to NDIS-funded support. Ultimately, they ensure NDIS participants get the best possible outcomes from their allocated funds.

3. Assistive technology 

Assistive technology can help individuals with disability increase their independence, confidence and safety by providing access to a range of aids and equipment tailored to their needs. Examples include wheelchairs, hearing aids, communication devices, mobility aids and specialized computer hardware or software. Assistive technology can also support people in responding to emergencies such as falls or other sudden health changes. Additionally, it can help people stay connected with family and friends in need.

Additionally, the NDIS provides funding for assistive technology products which meet specific criteria, such as being cost-effective, medically necessary and used for core activities. This funding can be used for purchases, including installation and modification costs. The NDIS also covers maintenance costs associated with assistive technology, including replacement parts or repairs when needed due to breakage or wear and tear over time. The NDIS may also reimburse ongoing fees associated with using the device, such as membership or subscription charges.

4. Allied health services 

These emergency support services aid and support people with special needs. These services include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology, psychology and social work. Occupational therapy helps people develop their skills in daily living activities such as dressing, eating and personal hygiene. Physical therapy helps improve physical functioning through exercise, postural control and mobility aid training. Speech pathology focuses on communication that may be affected due to disabilities or illnesses such as autism or stroke.

Psychology offers psychological treatment and counselling to help individuals manage mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. Social work provides advice on accessing welfare benefits, organising housing and providing respite care for people with disabilities or those who are elderly or have chronic medical conditions. All these allied health services help individuals enhance their quality of life by providing necessary assistance.

Eligibility criteria for emergency support services under the NDIS 

To be eligible, applicants must meet specific criteria determined by the NDIA, including being under 65 and having an impairment likely to be permanent. They must also demonstrate that their disability has affected their ability to live independently and that they experience significant barriers in accessing support without help from the NDIS. In addition, individuals must be Australian citizens, permanent residents, or hold a protected special category visa.


A vast range of services is available to people the NDIS supports. People need to know about the different types of emergency support that can be accessed within their local areas. It is also vital to remember that emergency support services are provided based on everyone’s unique needs and circumstances. Through these services, every community can access emergency help when needed.

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