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How Adani’s online train booking platform Trainman will improve the travel experience and convenience of passengers

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India is a country that is very diverse in terms of culture and nature. The country has a large population that speaks dialects and languages of various types and follow different faiths and traditions. India is known for its rich reserves of minerals, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, hills, caves, temples, and ancient monuments.

The railway network in the country is limited. Division of maintenance and operations of railway systems into ranges sometimes causes disturbances in managing and maintaining the systems. Railway stations in India receive tourists and passengers in large numbers, which is also a significant issue. Some of the railway stations are overcrowded and dirty and need to provide basic amenities like clean toilets, drinking water, waiting rooms and security. The train journey is complicated for passengers as they must undergo various processes and face problems.

People living in rural and tribal areas of the country depend on trains for traveling. Most face unavailable seats, long waiting lists, ticket confirmation uncertainty, train delays, lack of information, harassment by touts and agents, etc. To improve the railway system of India and provide complete satisfaction to passengers of India, Adani Group by Gautam Adani has introduced its online train ticket booking platform, Trainman.

Trainman is the only online train ticket booking platform that provides passengers complete satisfaction related to Indian railways. The IRCTC has authorized Trainman to book the train tickets online as well as to provide various other services like PNR status check, train ticket availability, train ticket confirmation check, train live status, fare details, train timetable, train coach position, train fare inquiry and many more.

Trainman: Simplifying Travels for an Amazing Experience

Adani Group and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) have partnered to create Trainman. Trainman offers a hassle-free train journey to all train passengers seeking to travel by the Indian railway trains in Chhattisgarh. Passengers find many advantages of booking their travel from and within Chhattisgarh through Trainman. Some of the advantages of this  project by Gautam Adani are listed below:

  • Passengers can conveniently and correctly check their PNR status online with Trainman’s assistance. PNR status provides information about a passenger’s most recent seat berth status on Indian Railways, including whether the customer has a confirmed reservation, a Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC), or is on a waiting list. Additionally, Trainman offers forecasts regarding the likelihood of ticket confirmation that is 94% correct.
  • Trainman provides 100% secure payment channels to assist travellers in swiftly and securely purchasing their train tickets online. Trains can be found using the station’s name or number, the train’s name or number, or the departure date. The trains can also be filtered by class, quota, time of day, duration, or fare. Additionally, the Trainman provides details regarding the train’s itinerary, stops, mileage, running days, and pantry car availability.
  • Trainman assists passengers in tracking the real-time location of their train online. To view the location of their train on a map, passengers can enter their train’s name or number. At any station along the route, they can also view their train’s anticipated arrival and departure times. They might also look at the position of the coach of the train.
  • Trainman assists passengers in locating available seats online on any train or class for the ensuing 60 days. To select the seat or berth of their choice, passengers can also view the seat map of any coach. Additionally, Trainman displays the dynamic fare for any train based on supply and demand. This makes it easier for customers to budget and purchase tickets as necessary.
  • Trainman assists customers in obtaining professional assistance for any question or concern about train travel. Passengers can reach Trainman by phone, chat, or social media. Additionally, Trainman offers immediate reimbursements for any ticket modifications or cancellations.
  • Trainman helps passengers access other helpful information related to train travel, such as train schedule, fare enquiry, station code list, and station name list.

An All-Inclusive Travel Companion

Trainman serves as a full-service travel companion and a platform for online train reservations for travellers in Chhattisgarh. Passengers can travel around the state comfortably and with ease by using Trainman.  Trainman is dedicated to providing top-notch customer care services and raising the standard of living for those who live in India. Gautam Adani is also trying to advance technology and infrastructure in India to increase the accessibility and connection of the railway network. Through its CSR activities, Adani also helps the communities with their social, health, and educational needs.

Trainman is a part of Adani Digital Labs Adani Group is known for its innovation, excellence, and social responsibility.


Trainman proves to be a game-changing force in the field of rail travel, especially in the diversified and resource-rich India. Trainman makes travelling for customers easier with a full range of services, from hassle-free ticket purchasing to real-time train tracking. In addition to offering safe and effective booking alternatives, the website also equips users with valuable data, such as forecasts for PNR status and seat availability. Beyond its technological capabilities, Trainman by Gautam Adani is a tribute to boosting India’s connectivity and the infrastructure, ultimately raising the standard of living in the area. Trainman emphasizes the conglomerate’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and social responsibility as part of its larger goal, which will ultimately contribute to the development and well-being of India. This initiative promises to make rail travel in India more convenient, accessible, and enjoyable for all.

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