Everything You Need to Know About Lightning Conductor Installation

Everything You Need to Know About Lightning Conductor Installation

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It is of pivotal importance to guarantee the safety of your family members and employees in your residence and workplace, respectively. You must be wondering what kind of threats or jeopardy your house or office may be subjected to. Well, lightning is a natural possibility that has the capability to damage high-rise buildings while causing potential harm to occupants. Also, it may result in substantial financial losses as it can have an impact on the equipment and machines in your commercial space. Hence, homeowners and business owners must:

Remember that the more confident and safer your workers feel, the better they perform and interact with clients! In contrast, if they feel insecure, they might not be able to complete their tasks timely and efficiently. Additionally, it decreases on-site performance and minimises productivity, eventually affecting your sales and profits.

Besides, lightning protection promotes a sense of well-being in your loved ones. It is overall good for their health and lifestyle. These systems also aim to accelerate your property value, which serves a long-term benefit to your finances.

Types of Lightning Conductors

Further, here are the various types of lightning conductors commonly used today.

  1. Traditional Franklin Rods

The most widely used type of lightning conductor in the UK was initially developed in the eighteenth century by Benjamin Franklin. It is made up of a metal rod with a pointed tip that is attached to the highest point of a structure. Through a network of conductive wires called downleads, the rod safely carries the electrical energy that is attracted by a lightning strike to the earth.

  1. Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Systems

ESE systems are an advanced type of lightning conductor that provides enhanced protection for larger structures.

Before a lightning strike occurs, these devices use a network of air terminals with ionising points that release upward streamers. By initiating the streamers early, the systems increase the likelihood of capturing the lightning and guiding it safely to the ground.

  1. Faraday Cage Systems

Moreover, a Faraday cage is a fully enclosed conductive structure that shields its contents from external electric fields. They are an effective lightning protection method for protecting exorbitant machinery or buildings that are unable to have conventional lightning conductors installed. Further, they:

  • Absorb electrical charges
  • Protect the region from damage by creating a conductive channel around the building.
  1. Charge Transfer Systems

Also referred to as charge dissipation systems, they function by minimising the buildup of electrical charges on structures. They neutralise the electric field surrounding the structure. In addition, they are made up of a grid of sharp needles or brushes that discharge ions into the atmosphere.

By alleviating the potential difference between the building and the surrounding atmosphere, they deter the destruction linked with lightning bolts.

  1. Lightning Arrester Systems

Lightning arresters, also called surge protectors, are devices made to protect electrical systems against voltage spikes brought on by lightning. They are frequently found in:

  • Telecommunication
  • Power distribution networks

Moreover, the system lessens the risk of fire explosions by directing extra electrical energy to the earth.

The Process of Lightning Conductor Installation

Conducting a Risk Assessment

It is imperative to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of the structure prior to installing lightning conductors. It includes determining the building’s location, height, and size, as well as how susceptible it is to lightning strikes. Additionally, the evaluation also takes into account the:

  • Surrounding environment
  • Any trees in the area
  • Any other tall buildings that might have an impact on lightning

It significantly aids in identifying the proper kind and positioning of lightning conductors.

Designing the Lightning Protection System

Based on the analysis, a lightning protection system (LPS) is designed. The positioning of downleads, grounding components, and air terminals are all part of this system. To draw lightning strikes, the air terminals are positioned at the highest points of the building.

Additionally, the downleads establish a secure channel for the electrical charge by joining the air terminals to the grounding devices.

Installing Air Terminals

Mounting the air terminals on the structure is the first step in the installation procedure. Usually constructed of metal, these terminals have pointed and sharp tips to help capture lightning. The size, shape, and necessary level of protection of the building determine the air terminals’:

  • Number
  • Arrangement

For maximum efficiency, it is vital to adhere to local and industry standards.

Installing Downleads and Grounding Components

Following the air terminals’ safe placement, downleads are introduced to link them to the grounding components. They are conductive cables that carry the electrical charge from the air terminals to the ground.

To reduce the possibility of harm or interference, these wires need to be correctly routed and insulated. Moreover, the grounding elements, such as grounding rods or plates, provide a secure route for the electrical charge to dissipate into the earth.

Bonding and Interconnection

All metallic parts of the building, such as metal roofs, pipes, and gutters, need to be bonded and linked to confirm the whole lightning conductor system functions professionally. This connection lowers the risk of side flashes as well as potential harm from lightning-induced electrical currents by forming a single conductive path.

Bonding further improves protection by balancing the potential difference between different parts of the structure.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Moreover, the lightning protection system needs regular maintenance and inspections after installation. This entails:

  • Making certain that the bonding is done properly
  • Examining the air terminals, downleads, and grounding components

Periodic examinations enable prompt repairs or replacements by assisting in identifying any possible problems or damage that could jeopardise the efficacy.

Cost of Lightning Conductor Installation

Installation charges for lightning conductors might differ based on a number of variables.

Size of the structure:

First and foremost, a principal factor is the size and complexity of the structure that needs to be secured. For instance, larger, multi-story buildings and intricately designed structures might need advanced LPS. It would ultimately increase the cost of installation.

The height also plays a tremendous role because tall towers can need more lightning rods and conductors to provide sufficient protection.

Type of lightning conductor:

There are various types available, including:

  • Traditional lightning rods
  • Air terminals
  • Surge protection devices

The installation, repair, and maintenance costs of each of these systems vary. The system selection will be based on the project budget as well as the particular needs and specifications of the structure.

Location of the structure:

Skyscrapers located in areas with a high frequency of thunderstorms or in regions prone to lightning strikes often require more powerful lightning protection systems. In addition, the installation cost may differ depending on the accessibility of the structure.

The total price of installing the system may increase if the structure is situated in a remote or difficult-to-reach area, as it might require more manpower and resources.


Installing lightning conductors is vital to protect buildings and inhabitants from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. We can guarantee the safety of our property’s infrastructure by being aware of the types, uses, and methods for lightning conductor installation. Besides, routine upkeep and periodic testing let us know that the system functions flawlessly, offering peace of mind. Remember, always consult with specialists in the field to promise a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

Are you searching for lightning conductor testing near you? At South West Lightning Protection, we offer an extensive variety of services, ranging from installation to regular assessments. All for the sole purpose of promising the safety and well-being of your family and employees.

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