All about Amada Replacement Parts and Press Breaks

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Do you need to purchase an Amada press brake for some Amada spare parts on an immediate basis? If yes, then come to us at Alternative Parts Inc. as we have a wide range of Amada replacement parts and press brake parts. Among the Amada replacement press brakes are the work stopper assemblies, the RG and FBD parts, HFB and HFE etc. Have a look at our catalogue for Amada press brake for sale to get hold of the best product at a very competitive market price.            

As far as our rates are concerned, it has remained and will always remain competent. Apart from that, here at Alternative Parts Inc., you will get a wide range of alternatives for machine parts, especially Amada. As an added advantage, if you purchase from us, you will get installation and training services as well. Be 100 per cent sure that the Amada replacement parts that we will provide from Alternative Parts Inc. will be of the same quality as your original one. So, if you choose Alternative Parts Inc., you will be making the best decisions of your life in terms of price and quality.   

Amada Press Brake Parts

We don’t take into consideration whether the fabrication machinery you are using is new or old while we manufacture our accessories and spare parts for Amada. We follow the exact OEM specifications while making the Amada press brakes. We are sure that you will definitely from our catalogues that will match your preference as the range to choose from is quite extensive.       

Both new and used Amada press brakes for sale are available with us at Alternative Parts Inc. We are here to solve any issues related to your fabrication machinery even if you have a small business as you can avail of our financing options as well. Come and meet us directly to avail such lucrative options. Apart from installation and training, we also offer service contracts as well.    

When Should You Think of Replacing Your Amada Press Brake?

Amada replacement parts for a used Amada press brake with a new one may prove to be a costly proposition and may cost you somewhere around $120,000. You will have to completely replace the machine with a new one or purchase state-of-the-art electric press brakes. Both of these options can be extremely costly. Apart from that, you may also have to spare a considerable amount of money on training and installation as well. If you are facing this kind of scenario in your business where your supervisor has already informed you about the chance of a breakdown in your fabrication machine and your CFO has already informed you that your business cannot afford such an expense, then come to us at Alternative Parts Inc. We are here to share with you some situations where you must think of replacing the press brakes. Here are some- 

  • First of all, in a situation where your press brake has stopped working, in that case, you will have to invest in getting it fixed. 
  • Secondly, you may feel apprehensive about replacing the parts as it is not broken down completely. But this investment can ultimately become a bad investment in the long run as well as a short-sighted one. It is because, even if you bring back your Amada machine in its old condition, it will need some recurring costs at all times to keep it up and running. 
  • Production of inaccurate results. When your Amada press brake is producing inconsistent, and levelless results along with being inaccurate in its readings and producing tons of waste as a result of these inaccuracies, then you should have a different plan with your Amada press brakes.   

Under these situations, you must consider finding some cost-effective alternatives for upgrading or completely replacing the total system although your current bending methods are giving accurate results for whatever applications they have been used for. You can opt for a cost-effective retrofit press brake which will bring about an increase in your machine’s productivity. The best news is that it comes at a lower price and saves you from the hazard of fixing the machine or replacing it in totality. We will elaborate here on how a retrofit press brake can benefit you.   

Retrofitting The Amada Press Brake

The press brake retrofitting eliminates the idea of discarding your old press brake and replacing it with a new one. If you can fund a new Amada press brake, then you should definitely give retrofitting a chance. You should definitely come to us to get an estimate on how much it may cost you if you go for retrofitting your press brake. Retrofitting improves the productivity of your old Amada press brake and also reduces the cost of operating the machine. Retrofitting can save the cost of setup time, and lessen the wastage of products, thereby improving the overall productivity of the machine.     

Replace Your Broken Press Brake Control With CNC

As modern computer technology brings in a huge improvement in the performance of a machine, the most cost-effective way to improve the productivity of your press brake is to upgrade the control system while maintaining the mechanical back gauge structurally.    

The Cost of Retrofitting Amada Press Brake with New Back Gauge Control

The application of control-only retrofits is perhaps the best choice to improve the productivity of the press brake. In a situation where the mechanical aspects of the machine are superb but the rear gauge control is where the trouble is, then control-only retrofits are the best option for you. This kind of control can bring about a perfect harmony between the back gauge, ram and different axes in the system. 

A PC-based control-only retrofit may cost you anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000. The factors on which this cost is dependent are the level of OEM control integration and how complex the structure of your press brake is. If the current press brake is doing well mechanically, hydraulically and electrically, then the cost will be much less in comparison to buying a new press brake.  

In Summary

Opportunity and monetary costs play a vital role in deciding whether you should replace the press brake or retrofit it. Businesses often overlook the opportunities for cost savings linked with boosting productivity and the morale of the employees. Retrofitting and replacement are both reasonably justified financially. You should consider retrofitting if you truly have a cash crunch. This will be possible when press brake control is not really required for running the press brake. Independent operations of a press brake make it open to a lot of cost-effective options for retrofitting and upgrading your back gauge control within a very short span.  

if you wish to have a PC-controlled retrofit for your machine, then come to us at Alternative Parts Inc. We will provide you with a full-colour graphical display and unlimited parts storage feature in the retrofitting. It will come in a full colour, 15.1-inch touchscreen option that uses a standard hard drive that allows endless amounts of parts storage. The digital display helps the user to store and display various photos of the parts that can be used for future referencing and training purposes of new operators. This option is an outstanding one, and it will help in saving time and reduce errors to a great extent. Come to us, and we will help you further on this.   

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