6 Excellent Marble-Effect Kitchen Worktops Trending in 2023

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Marble worktops, marble for fireplace, marble staircases, and marble flooring evoke sheer class and grandeur. But in high-traffic areas and intense activity zones like kitchen worktops where there is a big probability of spillage/wear and tear, maintaining this beautiful natural stone can be an excruciating challenge.

Paying heed to this homeowner’s dilemma, worktops experts have worked on developing marble-effect worktops that closely resemble marble’s aesthetics whilst ensuring high performance and hassle-free maintenance. Amongst these marble-effect manufactured worktops, quartz is the most popular owing to its excellent combustibility, durability, resistance, and ease of use.

Here are 6 marble-effect kitchen worktops vouched for by leading architects and interior designers in 2023:

  1. Calacatta Abezzo – Be it marble for fireplace, staircase, or countertops, the Italian Calacatta marble has been an enduring choice across UK homes. Its subtle white background is accentuated by an eye-catching mosaic of earthy, thin veins and thick, translucent-grey stripes. Quartz worktop installation requires meticulous attention to detail. Homeowners should always hire professionals to avoid any kind of damage during installation.
  2. Statuario Nuvo – Yet another masterpiece in the realm of marble-effect countertops, the Statuario Nuvo is an eclectic fusion of the classic Calacatta and Statuario patterns. The meandering veining and bold grey, gold, and brown patterns appear all the more striking with professional worktop installation and bookmatching. Its visually striking appearance makes this marble-like worktop look incredible as a well-built kitchen island or as a stunning focal point in a monochrome or dichromatic kitchen.
  3. Frosty Carrina – True to its name, the Frosty Carrina has understated icy-white aesthetics with faint bluish-grey veins. Small kitchen spaces are visually enlarged by the installation of these gorgeous marble-like quartz worktops. Also, for kitchens with restricted natural lighting, these countertops invocate an atmosphere of brightness and tranquillity at once. Simple cleaning with water and any mild stone cleaner once a day is enough to maintain these quartz worktops. Despite their high physical and heat resistance, chopping boards and mats are recommended.
  4. Cashmere Carrara – A premium version amongst quartz worktops that are customised to mimic marble, the Cashmere Carrara is nothing short of a trendsetter. For homeowners with exquisite tastes, the chic design of this marble-effect quartz variant is perfect. The opulent white backdrop is accentuated by awe-inspiring, yet subtle golden and grey cloud-like veining. The royal elegance of the Cashmere Carrara Quartz countertop is not only perfect for modern-day luxury kitchens, but plush bathrooms, powder rooms, fireplaces and more.
  5. Mara Blanca – Classic and minimalistic kitchens are trending in 2023, but this certainly does not mean that homeowners should make do with any dreary worktop material. The sparse light-grey and faint brown veins of Mara Blanca worktops are customised for understated elegance. Especially for simple black and white/classic kitchens, earthy country kitchens, and small kitchenettes, these quartz worktops are manufactured to look exactly like marble. Pair it with wooden cabinets or against geometric feature walls for perfect accentuation.
  6. Calacatta Lazza – The Calacatta Lazza Quartz worktop is designed to encompass the striking beauty of the classic Calacatta marble, but with the boldness dialled down for a more placid visual effect. The gold-tinted brown veins gently swirl sideways across the slab, yielding a majestic wave-like appearance. Highly resistant to scratching, denting, and staining, marble-effect quartz provides homeowners with the quintessential beauty of marble sans its maintenance hassles.


Not only are marble-effect quartz worktops easy to maintain, but they are also relatively affordable. After all, the costly and labour-intensive processes of quarrying and transportation are eliminated. Quartz worktops can be easily purchased from manufacturers in the same city or online. This significantly reduces the fuel cost for procurement, thus invoking a lower carbon footprint.

The above marble-effect worktops provide a striking marble-like aura, whilst ensuring high practicality and functionality to withstand the daily rigours of a busy kitchen.

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