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Maximizing Outdoor Tool Storage With A Vertical Tool Shed

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Not all of us have a big lawn or garden with ample storage shed installation options. So, a vertical tool shed comes to the rescue. Tall, slender, and spacious, a vertical storage shed is perfect for keeping pool equipment, gardening gear, and other tools. Think of it as a tall yet spacious locker where you can store items to save them from the weather.

Vertical tool sheds are perfect for small spaces like a patio, balcony, or porch. Metal vertical sheds are even ideal to keep in your backyard. But given the limited amount of space, how can you organize tools in it? Let’s see.

How To Store In A Metal Vertical Tool Shed


The first thing that needs to be done with any storage space is decluttering. But how can you do that? Simply remove all the items from the space and arrange them according to type or size, whichever suits your needs. Finally, remove items that are broken beyond repair or that you no longer need.

You can even think about donating items that are in good condition, but you do not need them anymore. A little charity won’t hurt after all.


Once you have sorted all the items that you want to keep, sort them in order. It could be according to season or type, such as winter gear (including snow gloves, skiing tools, etc.), summer gear (including surfing boards, pool tools, etc.), or garden tools. Finally, all things that are small & sorted can be stored in a bin which you can label.

This will help you find small tools easily.


For larger and longer items, you can use hooks. You can either install them on the vertical shed door or inside the wall. They will keep your stuff organized and in plain sight.


This is beneficial for smaller items. You can buy stacking or shelf bins that will hold onto items that otherwise will appear messed up in a large container. Again, feel free to label it.


Tools that you use very often can be organized on a pegboard. You can install a pegboard on the inside of the door of the vertical tool shed. They will appear as soon as you open the door. Hence, it will take less time to find when in need.

Magnetic Board

An alternative to pegboard would be magnetic board. You can even use both of them. Install a pegboard on one door and a magnetic board on the other. While you open the vertical storage shed, both will be in plain sight on the left and right. Ensure that you get a strong magnet that can hold off items as long as you do not take them off.

That being said, you can get a vertical tool storage shed in any material. However, we recommend getting it in certified high-quality steel. “Why?” you may ask. Have a look at some of the benefits of buying a metal outdoor shed.

Advantages Of Having A Metal Outdoor Tool Storage


Metals, in general, are incredibly robust materials on this planet. When coated with zinc or aluminum, they become rust resistant too. When exposed to the elements, wood absorbs moisture and expands, while metal remains unaffected by extreme heat or humidity.

With metal, there is no decaying or rotting of the panels or frame.

Pest Proof

When you buy metal vertical tool storage, you can say goodbye to termites and insect infestation. You won’t need to invest in any chemical spray to keep a regular check on termites. Rodents can’t chew off thick metal panels to enter into your shed. So, that’s a bonus.

Weather Resistance

It is obvious that your tool shed will be kept open so it will face the direct sun, rain, dew, and snow. Metals are strong and resilient and can withstand any weather condition.


Metal vertical tool sheds are cost-effective. The starting price is from $150 onwards. The actual pricing will depend upon the type of metal and size of the shed.

Low Upkeep

The steel shed needs minimal cleaning. However, if you see any rust development, take action promptly.

Fire Resistance

Metals do not catch fire easily. Also, when properly insulated, it keeps stored items safe inside it for as long as the outer structure is not compromised.

Versatile Design

Nowadays, metal builders offer a variety of colors, sizes, and designs when it comes to vertical steel storage sheds. So, do not forget to ask about customization options. You can also customize the door and turn it into a focal point.

Where Can You Keep Vertical Tool Shed On Your Property?

If you live in a rental unit, having a permanent storage shed may not be an option for you. A steel vertical shed is like a cupboard that will hold off your extra items while keeping your home tidy. But let’s see where you can place a vertical shed anyway.

  • Patio
  • Balcony
  • Backyard
  • Front yard
  • Porch
  • Inside Garage
  • Garden

What You Should Not Store In A Metal Vertical Shed?

You must not keep items that are sensitive to temperature in your vertical shed as long as it is not insulated correctly. Some typical temperature sensitive items are:

  • Canned food
  • Electronic items
  • Musial instruments
  • Medicines
  • Art & craft materials like paints or glue.   


Finally, Shedding Some Lights On The Modern Tool Shed

Modern tool shed made with high quality steel will look slender and sleek in your backyard. Not to mention, it will be the sturdiest structure within the budget that will protect your stored items from harsh weather and prying eyes at the same time.

So, don’t wait for the apple to get rotten; get your steel vertical shed today & reap the benefits that it comes with for decades.


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