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AI’s Impact on the Future of Electronic Health Record Software

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Since they made a rule about using EMRs, doctors and nurses use special computer programs to keep patient information. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and it has not been easy.

But now, artificial intelligence is getting really popular. It might change things all over again. Since Google started in 1998, this could be one of the biggest tech changes in 50 years.

AI in EMR software has benefits

Healthcare groups use AI in different ways. They help in clinical and backend tasks, and these are the gains:

  • Fewer Mistakes: AI can lower human errors in writing and prescribing medicines.
  • Natural Language Processing: AI helps in making electronic health record (EHR) software work better. It speeds up the process and helps different systems work together.
  • Help for Doctors: AI can give suggestions and alerts to doctors in real time.
  • Improved Communication: AI can assist patients by explaining medical terms. This helps patients have better conversations with their doctors.

Big companies are putting a lot of money into Generative AI

The healthcare AI industry has been growing a lot. In 2021, it was worth $11.06 billion worldwide. Experts think it will go up to a huge $187.95 billion by 2030. So, it is not a shock that big tech companies and others are joining in.

Here are five major investors in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare AI:


Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI helps developers add AI features to their apps, like language understanding and computer vision. Big healthcare software companies, like Epic EHR and eClinicalWorks, already use it.

In May 2023, Microsoft unveiled a new data analysis tool, Microsoft Fabric, that connects with their AI tools. They also plan to reveal more AI solutions for healthcare at the HLTH conference this year.

It is worth noting that in 2019, Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI, three years before ChatGPT came out. Now, that investment is worth about $13 billion, and OpenAI is valued at $29 billion.

IBM (The International Business Machines Corporation)

IBM spent almost $200 million on artificial intelligence and earned recognition as a top AI service provider in 2023. They created watsonX, an AI and data tool for groups, like healthcare.

IBM teamed up with Ovum Health to combine watsonX’s smart AI skills with their online and mobile chat and scheduling apps.


Google put $30 billion into artificial intelligence. They use AI on their platforms. They made Bard, a chatbot. Google is also working on Med-PaLM 2, a big language model for healthcare.

They are finding uses for Med-PaLM 2, like studying genes, health research, predicting diseases, and making Electronic Health Records software.

Amazon (AWS)

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) shared their new AI service called AWS Healthscribe. It uses speech recognition and AI to create medical documents. This service is approved for privacy rules known as HIPAA.

AWS Healthscribe helps doctors include AI in their medical record software. It is available for orthopedics and general medicine.

Amazon also teams up with Anthropic to make AI tools with AWS’s machine learning. They are investing about $4-10 billion in this area.


Oracle is famous in healthcare for buying Cerner for $28 billion. They also offer many AI and Machine Learning services for different industries, including healthcare. Oracle uses generative AI to help upgrade Cerner Millenium’s EHR software.

Healthcare AI is going to be the part of Future

Artificial intelligence is a popular technology in healthcare IT. eClinicalWorks has used its machine learning assistant, Eva, since 2018. Now, they want to add ChatGPT and other AI to their software using Microsoft’s Azure Open AI.

Hint Health, a software company for medical records, joined with OpenAI to make a new tool for medical transcriptionists. They tried it with Immediate care practices in Algonquin. They also plan to put a ChatGPT-like tool in their EHR software.

Deep learning tools can help in healthcare in different ways. They can:

  • Analyze proteins
  • Help make new medicines
  • Improve preventive healthcare
  • Find sick patients before they have symptoms.

Hint Health’s CEO, Zak Holdsworth, is not very excited about this technology. He says that recent advances in health IT software haven’t really changed much and just support the current system.

Artificial Intelligence: Important Concerns

Artificial intelligence is still new, and there are big concerns:

  • Data bias:

Machine learning can make biased predictions.

  • Reliability:

AI needs to judge if the data it uses is trustworthy.

  • Responsibility:

We shouldn’t rely too much on AI in healthcare. It should help, not replace our work.


Healthcare AI’s future is super exciting lately. Big companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft are putting lots of money into it. We can’t predict how much AI will help medicine and healthcare.

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