Mastering User Interface Design: Tips for Beginners
Mastering User Interface Design: Tips for Beginners

Mastering User Interface Design: Tips for Beginners

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Always get carried away by sleek interfaces and now want to create a captivating interface for your own site or app? Well, you have just landed in the right place. Your app or website is like the storefront of a shop for your business, so ensure it is compelling your users and propelling them to spend more time on the interface rather than repelling them.

Also, mastering user interface design can become daunting if you delve into it with a blank slate. But there are some laid-down principles and theories that come in handy when you are designing the user interface for a mobile app development company in Dallas. So, without further ado, let’s delve into our piled-up list of top tips that will help you ace every interface.

Tips for UI Design Beginners

People have been designing for hundreds of decades now, either on a physical interface or digital landscape, and over time, the following are the tips outlined by top designers for top-notch interfaces:

Plan Ahead: Research into Your Users

Dig into your users, like who they are, their gender, their age, the demographics, etc., because you are going to pander to your users’ instincts. Know them inside and out. Create a user persona and plan while keeping their preferences in mind. Check out your competitors and see what they have captivated in their interfaces, and borrow that and come up with something of your own.

Assuming you are targeting busy people to buy something from you, an interface with verbose content and quirky design would not make sense; they’d rather prefer something to the point and transparent, something salesy, as you have to play on a deficit attention span.

And talking about sales, don’t be complacent with yourself; what is relevant today will not necessarily be relevant tomorrow, and yes, prioritize the “why” over the “how.”

Master the Fundamentals of Design

  • Learn about color theory and its extensive application in different areas. The color should be easy on the visitors’ eyes and should not be repulsive. You know what I am talking about here. Ever come to an interface with dark red and dark blue colors side by side? Yes, we are talking about such a scheme.


  • Understand typography and font choices. The font should be easy to read and skim through. It should be neither too small nor too big. Also, learn the art of using serif and sans serif in combination. Use fonts 


  • Grasp the principles of visual hierarchy and balance. What it means is to have some presets ready and imitate them throughout the interface.

Embrace Consistency and Simplicity

  • Maintaining Consistency in Design Elements Across the Interface

If there is a popup that is closed when you click outside of its premises, then that should be the same for all the popups on the interface. Be consistent with everything, be it button design, different items’ length and width, or color scheme throughout the interface. Don’t make your users comprehend much. Rather, create the interface as if it were a plain sea, and they sail down to the button without their cognition being challenged.

And the key to being consistent is laying down some rules you will be adhering to throughout. Don’t be quirky, don’t try to reinvent, stick to industry standards, and you are all fine.

  • Simplify Complex Ideas and Elements for Better User Understanding

Put your feet into a non-tech guy? See things from their perspective and design accordingly, so it is always wise to simplify the intricacies of the interface and make the whole interface very basic unless you are some animation company, AR VR app development company, or some company offering cross-platform app development services that need its elements moving here and there.

  • Follow Established Design Patterns and Conventions

Designing involves creativity, and if you pour that creativity into compliance or adherence to established design patterns and conventions, it would be better for your user to follow along.

Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Design

People are accessing websites and apps more on mobile than ever, so you:

  • Design for various screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Optimize touch interactions for mobile devices.
  • Ensure seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets.

Focus on Navigation and Information Architecture

  • Create Intuitive Navigation Menus and Pathways

Make the interface as if it were a smooth sea. Users would be sailing down, digesting everything on the interface.

  • Organize Content Logically for Easy Accessibility

Break big blocks of writing into chunks so it becomes easy for them to consume. 

  • Implement Clear Call-to-Action Buttons

Buttons are the element you can reinvent so they look different and grab attention, just like KFC and McDonald’s logos and billboards visible from far away and having different, dissimilar colors than everything on the roads.

Test and Iterate

Ask real users to hover all over your surface and tell them how conducive it is. Gather the feedback, analyze user behavior data, and incorporate it into the design.

Nothing will be better than having skilled artisans (user interface developers) in the field give you honest feedback.

Principles and Theories

  • Gestalt Principles in UI Design

Master the classic Gestalt principles in UI design to improve your aesthetic sense. It revolves around proximity, similarity, continuity, closure, and connection principles in the design. Learn the application of Gestalt principles in creating visually appealing interfaces.

  • Cognitive Load Theory in UI Design

Yes, we all want to be unique in design and reinvent, but it is not a smart approach unless it is easing up something for your users. Don’t be quirky or fancy in a bid to impress and end up making them frustrated.

Take the example of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Ever found it difficult to use or navigate to some specific feature in the latter? Because Google knows people are accustomed to using MS Word, if it goes out in a quest to be different or unique, people will not change their habits and will never use it.

So here are some quick doses to take:

  • Manage cognitive load by simplifying complex tasks; break big components into chunks.
  • Use progressive disclosure to reveal information gradually so they remain hooked and don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Minimize distractions and unnecessary elements in your interface, and be to the point unless you are giving some creative services, such as an AR VR app development company requiring you to prove yourself to be the right artisan for the creative finesse.


Adhering to these tips will help you design a sleek, immersive, and smooth interface that will leave a lasting impression on your users, and they will love coming back to it. Always plan ahead so your interface seems smooth and cohesive; otherwise, it will exude incoherence and mishmash. Befriend user interface developers and ask them for a candid review of your work.

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