15 Best Ice-Types In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Beings that are cold and strong.

Ice has had a rough time getting where it is now in Pokémon history. It used to be that this type wasn’t very common and had some bad stat spreads and type pairs. Now that there are a lot of great Pokemon in this type, it is a real threat.

If you like the coolest Pokemon, you’ll love Pokémon Scarlet & Violet‘s Ice-type lineup. It has a lot of powerful Pokemon to choose from.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-beartic.jpg (740×370)

Beartic is a good choice if you need a big chunk of ice to slash at any annoying Pokemon you come across. Beartic can release hell whenever he wants thanks to his amazing Attack stat and great coverage moves.

Use Swords Dance to buff yourself, and then use whatever works to go crazy. That’s the main idea behind Beartic’s plan. When Beartic hits its target with moves that cover a wide range of types, it can really hurt its foe. You won’t expect moves like X-Scissor, Crunch, Heavy Slam, Earthquake, and Rock Slide.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-cetitan.jpg (740×370)

Starting off on a bad note is obviously not a good idea, but Cetitan is an Ice-type that tries to be a wall and has a huge amount of HP. Ice is one of the worst defense types in the game because it has so many common flaws.

It’s just that Cetitan shines even though its niche isn’t very useful at a high level. Its Attack stat is very high, and its covering moves are very strong. Some examples are Play Rough, Earthquake, Body Press, and Stomping Tantrum. You can make Cetitan a great attacker with more HP by giving it powerful Ice moves like Ice Spinner and Avalanche. These attacks will often be boosted because Cetitan has slow speed.

Cetitan can get rid of one of its weaknesses with Thick Fat, which makes it very strong against Fire-type bugs.

Iron Bundle

pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-iron-bundle.jpg (740×370)

When you play Pokemon Violet, you can catch this cool Paradox Pokemon. When you play Scarlet, you’ll have to trade for it. This fake Delibird is interesting because it makes the second generation’s disappointment with a Santa theme seem quite possible.

Its Special Attack and Speed are very high, so you might not even need to worry about Iron Bundle’s low defense stats because it could easily sweep without getting hit! Freeze-Dry is the only way to hit Water types, so make sure you include it.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-crabominable.jpg (740×370)

One of the best types for attack in Pokemon is ice. One of the best ways to attack in Pokemon is also to fight. When you smash them together, you get a mean hairy crab, but it will run out of Pokemon to beat soon.

Thanks to its Ice Hammer, Crabominable can damage anything it faces. If it faces something ridiculously big, you can be sure that its powerful Fighting-type moves will come in handy. It even has the useful Stomping Tantrum, which can blast Ice Hammer hits with superpowers and destroy them.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-glaceon.jpg (740×370)

An extremely powerful special attacker with good defenses? That is Glaceon. This icy version of Eevee isn’t very popular for some reason, but you should definitely think about getting it if you need an Ice-type Pokemon on your team.

Ice Beam was made for this Pokemon, and it has some cool coverage choices in Shadow Ball and Chilling Water. It can also use Calm Mind and Stored Power together. Another choice is to teach it Wish through Egg Moves. This will give you a sweeper that can heal itself a lot.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-frosmoth.jpg (740×370)

Even though Bug has some very tough Pokemon, it’s not often called one of the best types in Skibidi Toilet. It’s a pretty good secondary typing for Frostmoth because it helps make up for Ice’s weakness to Fighting and adds STAB to a great attacking typing.

When Frosmoth uses Quiver Dance, he could be a very powerful setup sweeper. Its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed will all get better when you use it. You should only use it once or twice. After that, use strong STAB moves like Blizzard or Bug Buzz and save the fourth move slot for a more useful move like U-Turn or Feather Dance. Ice Scales even helps Frosmoth stay alive, which is always a good thing.

Rotom Frost

pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-rotom.jpg (740×370)

You can change the shape of any Rotom you catch once you win the Rotom Catalogue in Porto Marinada’s sale house. If you use the Refrigerator setting, you’ll get an Ice/Electric type with a lot of bulk and a good damage number.

As a Rotom, this works great because Thunderbolt and Blizzard are great STAB moves that make the team stronger. They won’t know what hit them if you use Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave on it.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-froslass.jpg (740×370)

The creepy woman that everyone loves is back in Scarlet & Violet, and she’s stronger than ever. Even though it is a bit weak, Froslass is another great fighter thanks to its Speed and Special Attack.

Utility is key in Froslass. With Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Taunt, Trick, Destiny Bond, and Double Team, you can choose how to bother your opponent in the most effective way for you. Hex is even more cruel when used with one of the status moves.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-weavile.jpg (740×370)

Weavile is a strong sweeper because he has a lot of speed and attack. It should be able to come in and kill your enemies in as little time as possible, and it should have the right tools to do this every time.

Set up a Swords Dance and use Weavile’s huge number of moves to beat every opponent that comes your way. This approach is a lot like Beartic’s. Weavile is much better than Beartic because it is faster. It’s much more likely to do a clean sweep, and you can use Baton Pass to give those sweet Attack boosts to a different partner if your enemy sends out something Weavile can’t handle.


pokemon-scarlet-violet-pokedex-picture-baxcalibur.jpg (740×370)

Any Pokemon that gets hit by a Glaive Rush will be hurt for days. Baxcalibur is the “legendary” game of this age, and it lives up to the name. It looks great, has a movepool full of top-tier strikes, and has great offensive typing in Ice and Dragon.

It moves a little slowly, but it’s a powerful dragon with Dragon Dance, so what more could you want? You won’t have to worry too much as long as you keep it away from strong Fairy and Fighting-type threats.


Pokemon-Sword-Shield-Ice-Rider-Calyrex-Glastrier.jpg (740×370)

There’s a reason why Calyrex-Ice is in the Uber level.Huge 165 Attack, and this beast is very big in general and in its special abilities. When it comes to offensive tanks, Calyrex-Ice is the best form.

Its Psychic type doesn’t make it stronger, but its Ice type is great for attacking, making it hit opponents like a truck. Calyrex-Ice is almost impossible to beat with her Glacial Lance, Close Combat, and Zen Headbutt. (no pun meant)


Glastrier.jpg (740×370)

Even though Glastrier isn’t as strong as Calyrex-Ice, that doesn’t mean it’s weak. It’s still a very strong tank that can do a lot of damage when the conditions are right. Because of Calyrex-Ice, it only has trouble showing off.

Even so, Glastrier is a strong wallbreaker on its own, and based on the format, it might be the only ice horse you can use. One problem with Glastrier is that it isn’t very good at defense and can’t handle Stealth Rocks, so Heavy-Duty Boots might be helpful.


chien-pao-in-the-paldea-pok-dex.jpg (740×370)

Old powerhouses like Calyrex-Ice are strong, but Scarlet and Violet also added some dangerous beasts. This is best shown by Chien-Pao. With 120 Attack and 135 Speed, this Dark/Ice-type Pokemon is asking to be used as a fast physical sweeper.

Its ability Sword of Ruin is also great; it drops the Defense stat of the other Pokemon that is active by 25%. Chien-Pao can beat a whole team by himself as long as you change up moves like Mach Punches.


cloyster-scarlet-and-violet-pokedex-image.jpg (740×370)

Going all the way back to the first generation, Cloyster’s power is not to be lost. It’s not as obviously strong as some of the other Pokemon on this list, but it can do a lot of different things.

To make the most of Cloyster’s great Defense stat of 180, you could use Spikes and Toxic Spikes in a utility set. You could also switch things up and use Shell Smash, hoping to catch your opponents off guard and wipe out their teams. If you want to go for offense, make sure you have Skill Link and moves that do more than one damage.


Articuno-(1).jpg (740×370)

That Articuno is so strong is an interesting thing about it. It has the numbers of a legendary Pokemon, but because it doesn’t have any moves that cover a lot of ground and types really badly, it’s been pushed to the sidelines along with Moltres in favor of the amazing Zapdos. A Legendary trio that isn’t balanced, sadly.

Thankfully, Heavy-Duty boots have made Articuno a real possibility again. Since it can use Freeze-Dry, Ancient Power, and Air Slash, it’s actually a pretty good special move. Articuno can also become a great trump card by changing into a Rock or Ground-type. This can change the outcome of a fight.

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