Sephora saving hacks
Barcelona, Spain - April 16, 2022. Logo and facade of Sephora, a cosmetics chain founded in France in 1969 and acquired by the LVMH conglomerate, the world's leading luxury goods company, based Paris

Sephora Saving Hacks for Your Next Makeup Haul

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Entering a Sephora store is like stepping into an enchanting world of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance. However, with the abundance of beauty goods in every aisle, it’s easy to overspend and leave the checkout counter with an empty pocket.

Now, imagine being able to purchase your favorite high-end foundations, serums, and high-pigmentation eyeshadow palettes while still saving your hard-earned cash in your wallet. Right, that sounds like a dream! Get ready to turn that dream into reality as we’re here to give tips to shop at Sephora and save money while maintaining your beauty regime!

So wear your favorite lipstick, settle into your comfy chair, and get ready to discover the ultimate guide to smart shopping at Sephora! Let’s dive into the world of beauty bargains and learn how to slay the beauty game without flinching at the bill!

1) Sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider Program

Every intelligent shopper should sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program. You may sign up for free and get points for every dollar you spend. These points can be used for deluxe sampling, premium goods, and even beauty treatments. In addition, Beauty Insiders get birthday presents, exclusive promotions, and early access to deals. So be sure to sign up and enjoy the benefits!

2) Utilize the Sales Section

Don’t forget to look through Sephora’s online and physical store’s sales department. You’ll discover sale items, value packages, and time-limited promotions here. During periodic deals, such as the Spring Savings Event and the Holiday Sale, you can get various savings opportunities on your favorite brands.

3) Join Sephora’s Social Media Channels

Sephora frequently announces promos, flash sales, and special offers on its social media channels. You’ll be the first to learn about upcoming sales events and receive updates on the most recent discounts by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sephora occasionally runs social media competitions and giveaways where you can win fascinating makeup items.

4) Earn Sephora Cash Back!

There are online Cash Back stores that provide Cash Back whenever someone shops from their partner brands. One of the best Cash Back websites is RebatesMe. RebatesMe has over 4,000 partner brands, including eBay, Chewy, MAC, Michael Kors, Bloomingdales, Nike, Walmart, Vitacost, and more. How does this work? Well, you only need to install the free RebatesMe browser extension and sign up on their website, and you are good to go.

What makes RebatesMe different from other Cash Back stores is that they provide guaranteed money back for shopping from their partner on every online purchase. Yes! The opportunity to earn Cash Back isn’t a one-time offer. Additionally, they offer exclusive deals and discounts.

5) Request Samples

Before committing to a full-sized product, take advantage of Sephora’s generous sample policy. You can request samples of foundations, skincare products, fragrances, and more, allowing you to try them before you buy. Sampling helps you make informed decisions and saves money by preventing wasteful purchases.

6) Keep an Eye on the Weekly Wow Deals and Discounts

The Weekly Wow Deals at Sephora is another fantastic way to save money. For a limited time, these offers provide significant discounts on several products. To learn about these weekly discounts, make it a habit to visit their website frequently or sign up for their email. You might come across your preferred high-end item at an unbeatable price!

7) Make the most of the Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection offers high-quality products at more reasonable prices compared to other premium companies. You may find many goods to suit any budget, from skincare necessities to beauty brushes. When shopping at Sephora, don’t pass on this undiscovered treasure; you might find your new beauty holy grail without spending a fortune.

8) Trade in Your Points

Every purchase you make as a Beauty Insider earns you points. Did you know that you may exchange these points for whole products? With your accumulated points, Sephora offers a variety of incentives that are provided on a rolling basis. To receive sought-after goods for free or to utilize your points to save money on your subsequent purchases, keep an eye on the Rewards Bazaar.

9) Purchase Value Sets

Sephora offers different value bundles that combine many goods at a discount. These packages frequently comprise full-sized products, travel-sized items, or even deluxe samples. You can save money by buying value bundles to sample several goods from your preferred companies. Look for curated collections that include well-liked items or limited-edition collaborations because they offer great value for your money.


Keeping your obsession with beauty while shopping at Sephora is still possible. Knowing you’re getting the most out of your purchases, you can confidently browse Sephora’s aisles using these tips. There are numerous ways to indulge your enthusiasm for beauty while staying within your budget, from signing up for the Beauty Insider Program to purchasing deals and exploring value packs. So pamper yourself while expanding your collection by being a wise Sephora consumer!

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