How Does Task Management Software Work Easy Guide

How Does Task Management Software Work? Easy Guide

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Do you know 62% of field service organizations struggle with inefficient task scheduling and dispatching of field employees? Says a study by Aberdeen Group.

Can field managers align and streamline their field staff? Yes, they can with efficient task management software. Today, task management software has a wider application than just enabling easy task allocation. 

Let’s explore how the employee task monitoring system works and supports field staff, be it service technicians, delivery executives, or sales reps.


How Does Task Management Software Work?

Market-offered modern task management software as a part of field employee tracking software comes with a great deal of scalable features and setting an organisation would need to streamline their operations in following ways:


  • Easy Bulk Task allocation

Assigning regular tasks to each executive can seem to be overwhelming if done manually. A task management software as a part of field workforce management software provides a comprehensive digital task sheet, with which managers can easily allocate tasks to their field staff in just a few clicks. Based on the availability and bandwidth of the staff, they can easily assign tasks in bulk — in one go.


  • Geo-verified Tasks

When dealing with field staff, it’s tough to determine the real-time activity and progress of field tasks. Task management software comes with geo-verification features, with which managers can identify whether their field executives actually went to the site or not. 

The feature helps share the accurate location and coordinates of each staff member to verify their visit. It minimizes the room for any fraud and helps develop a great deal of transparency between field managers and employees. For most cases, it eventually helps automate attendance and leave management for employees. 


  • Employee Tasks Time Tracking

Most sought-after employee task management software offers managers capability to have a bird eye view on individual and team’s task progress. The software enables managers to track progress of tasks as it happens. They get frequent reminders or updates on their employees current tasks at hands and completion time.

This helps managers realise their employees bandwidth and lets them provide sufficient tasks to avoid their idling. Very helpful in meeting tasks on time without exceeding deadlines and delivering ad-hoc tasks, as need be.


  • Automated Reminders

Task management software offers instant reminders and notification to keep field executives notified about every task on the move. It ensures that executives get reminders for their assigned tasks to approach them without any delays. 

They even receive timely alerts about pending tasks which helps them avoid missing deadlines. All in all, it helps executives stay prepared in advance and deliver effectively.


What Will Change With Task Management Software?

Task management software offers a wide range of benefits that helps businesses earn the highest level of efficiency, productivity and employee management. 


  • Increased Efficiency

Employee task monitoring system offers a complete suite of solutions that helps streamline task allocation, tracking, and completion. With real-time task allocation and tracking, it makes it easy to meet deadlines and avoid any downtime. This further adds to productivity for businesses with field staff; where time and resources are critical. 


  • Enhanced communication 

Task management software offers an in-built chatbox that enables instant communication between line managers and field staff. The feature allows executives to share updates, ask questions or even get details on the task. This collaborative feature removes any misleading communication and promotes transparent collaboration.


  • Better Accountability 

Employee task monitoring system removes any signs of uncertainty for both managers and the field executives. By providing a clear record of assigned tasks with deadlines and their progress so far, it helps in enhancing accountability. When teams are aware of what is expected with them, they become accountable and diligent towards their tasks to meet bottom lines.


  • Less Errors

Auto management of tasks leaves no space for errors. Managers can easily, quickly allot tasks to hundreds of field staff – without any gaps and delay. Managers can stay assured that they have assigned tasks rightly to their stakeholders without making any clerical mistake.


Final Thoughts!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that task management software is a godsend tool for organisations managing hundreds to thousands of field staff. This impressive task allocation and employee task monitoring software has redefined task allocation and field service scheduling software and dispatching. It has made it easy for field managers to allot any tasks, from regular, daily tasks to complex or ad-hoc tasks. 

Field staff task tracking software is imperative for organisations that don’t want to miss deadlines and dissatisfy their customers. It’s high time for field force organisations to adopt task management software that offers goodness of automation, scalability and customisation. Don’t know where to look? Find your custom task management software only with TrackoField. Start with a free demo!


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

Que. Is task management software easy to use for non-tech savvy people?

Ans. Task management software offers intuitive, user-interface interface and features that anyone without technical know-how can use.


Que. Which industries can benefit from task management software?

Ans. Any industry be it, logistics, healthcare, marketing, sales with field force can use employee task monitoring system as a part of comprehensive field force management software.


Que. Is task management software suitable for small businesses?

Ans. Task management software is suitable to use for small to big MNCs – dealing with plenty of field staff. 


Que. Are task management software easy to integrate with business’s internal systems?

Ans. Task management solutions are easy to integrate with business tools, CRMs, enabling easy data exchange and enhancing workflow efficiency.


Que. Is task management software suitable for remote teams?

Ans. Task management system is a handy choice for remote teams and scattered workforces. Its centralized platform, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection allows the field to honor tasks with ease.

It lets teams from different locations to collaborate effectively, track tasks, and stay aligned with the organization’s goals.

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